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James Laffrey


On the previous site, I was very generous. This time, not so much. (The previous site was the UnEqualPartyUSA, which was deleted by for my “inciting” Self Defense “violence.”)

Here on the www! site, I refuse to link to known jews. That means I will not include links to the half-assed truthers’ favorites of and WhatReallyHappened, which are both jew sites. I will not link to jew Nathanael Kapner, dressed as a clown Pope, pretending to be a Christian, and covering for crypto-jew Putin of Russia. Also, MaskOfZion by Jonathan Azaziah. What’s a half-jew mother? A jew. So, Jonathan is a jew. His recent article about the African continent said nothing in favor of Whites (such as having founded and built South Africa and what was Rhodesia, both of which are now raping and killing fields against Whites, operated by jews’ puppet Blacks). He is a sly anti-White. Other jew sites exist, too numerous to mention here.

Also, I refuse to link to sites I became very highly familiar with and knew that the site’s owner refused to learn, or refused to discuss Solution ideas, or refused to allow proper discussion of jews as a race and as the enemy (this especially applies to U.S. sites, where such truth is not quite yet a prosecutable “hate crime”), or has outright baldfaced lied to readers. Therefore, there are no links here to “American Everyman” willyloman’s blog, Kenny’s Sideshow blog, James Corbett-related sites, MediaMonarchy, and the “How Dare I” blog by the liar Timster. And others.

One more, in a category all his own. John Friend’s blog will not be linked here. He directly betrayed me. He actually had Signed Up as a candidate in the UnEqualParty and as a supporter of my effort, and then he promptly and publicly endorsed the longtime Congressman, thus traitor, and designated loser Ron Paul. Unforgivable. Talk about a split ticket! ;^) Impersonal criticisms include his jumping on many absurd bandwagons dished out by jewry: the “nukes in the basements of the WTC towers,” the Judy Wood energy weapon destroying the WTC towers, the “no planes in NYC” distraction, and he says the Moon Landing was a hoax, and other such garbage.

Otherwise, this Big List still includes people who are wrong on a small minority of issues, apparently in ignorance not complicity, but are helping to wake up our fellow American Whites (and Whites around the world) to the top truth. After all, I, too, was wrong before I was so right. (Maybe I’m still wrong about something.) For example, even the outstanding SubvertedNation’s Adam Austin is somewhat off base in regard to Adolf Hitler. On my previous site, I went into great detail on the greatness and the rare flaws of that monumental defender of the White race and humanity against jewry. On this site, again, I have published that truth.

The purpose here is to show that we are a movement on the Internet rejecting the lies from the newspapers, tv, movies, and our government. The doubters will be more comfortable in accepting the shocking truth when they know they will be in the company of so many knowledgeable Americans and others around the world. Most people are not like us leaders, who are able to handle being alone. They want a nice big group to vicariously belong to, which means at a safe distance. We are that group, and growing. The truth will win, and we will win — but not by hiding.

Please read what these White men wrote, signed, fought for, and were willing to die for. Read the U.S. Constitution and know that jewry has not only shredded it but has even corrupted and mis-taught its vocabulary.

The leaders among us know that Zionism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism (except for Hitler’s unique National Socialism), Democracy, and Capitalism all equal JEW. (Dear shocked Americans, Our Founding Fathers established a republic and did not want a democracy, and they established free Commerce but not the jew creation that is Capitalism. See the TopLinks page.)

The best leaders among us also know that Christianity is a jew creation, a mind-poison, as are other religions. But we must allow some leeway for website publishers out there to be on lower steps of the staircase we have climbed.

As a symbol of the fact that I do not consider the other races as enemies, I retain some links to selected sites written by others, such as Blacks (Patricia McAllister, Victor Nunes) and a tanker captain from India. We do not want non-Whites as residents in our country past the current generation. But that does not mean they are enemies. They are simply incompatible here, and we will help them settle in their homelands or other territory of choice.

Readers are invited to submit a comment suggesting worthy websites that I have not included. Also, if you disagree with my inclusion of a site or the location of a site, state your reason(s). Thanks!

(If you can’t connect to any of the sites, it may be a deliberate, hostile blockage. Try using a proxy server, such as Just paste a URL into the address space and enjoy.)

Please see my P.S. at the bottom, too.

The Big List

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (and a few sites whose locations are not known to me)

Update: 25Nov2012: I have decided to single out the Absolute U.S. Solution Sites. Read them first. Read them last. Let them educate and inspire you to action. There are only three: This www! site, JBCampbell’s site, and Tom Metzger’s If you know of another deserving of this honor, please tell me so in a comment below.

Pres. G.W. Bush, as a proper crypto-jew, studied the Talmud, jewry’s rule book. So should you, just enough to see the proof of jewry’s hate for all other races. It even says non-jews who read it should be killed. See the “Come and Hear” link below, and other links to the Talmud.

  1. AntiCain’s Blog  Right on race, right on guns. (However, he has a weird case of mind poison which spews “Praise Yahweh” at the end of comments. He claims it’s not God’s Chosen Predators’ “Yahweh.”)
  2. AntiWhite Gun Control  The name means “Gun Control Is Anti-White,” and that’s right. Meet “Prosno,” a name of multiple, interesting, derivations. Alternate link:
  3. AntiZionistLeague (this site may be of European origin) (Remember: Zionist, Marxist, Bolshevist, Communist, Capitalist, and Socialist are all jew creations to dupe and destroy White culture and White governments.)
  4. “Atrocities Perpetrated Against The Human Race” homepage. (Humans are a species, not a race.) Other than the title, this site is right on race, jews, and immigration. (But suffers from religion mind-poison.) Also see the “Anti-Hegelian-Dialect Blog,” featuring this page of a great series of old newspaper clippings on jewry’s historic lies.
  5. The Barnes Review
  6. Bradley Smith’s Blog Mr. Smith has been right about the HoloHOAX for a very long time. Video is still easily available on the Internet of him telling truth on the old Donahue show to an audience stacked with lying whining jews.
  7. “BuelahMan’s Revolt”
  8. B.U.G.S. means Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar, by Bob Whitaker. He is a political strategizer, a compartmentalizer, and message-maker “Fighting White Genocide.” He urges us to get in synch with his Mantra, which begins: “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everybody!” (I know what that message is supposed to be doing, but I think it doesn’t do it, which is why I like to make it 3 sentences, add “But” before “White” and end with a question mark. Without those changes, it can’t wake up Americans like I was who will reply, Yes, the USA is for everybody, aint it great.) The rest of Bob’s mantra makes many good points that we all should use at will.
  9. Partial image of an ad for J.B.Campbell's book appearing in the great Liberty Bell magazine in 1993.

    Partial image of an ad for J.B.Campbell’s book appearing in the great Liberty Bell magazine in 1993.

    J.B. Campbell: ExtremismOnline I used to argue with two major aspects of Campbell’s advice. I no longer choose to differ. This recent article is one of his best. Here, the latest. Update: I owe Mr. Campbell an apology. Now, as I am reading through the entire archive of the Liberty Bell magazine (see the link at, I see in the issues during 1993 there are writings by Mr. Campbell that give me confidence in his sincerity and long service to the great White cause. I am sorry for my previous, overly negative skepticism, Mr. Campbell.

  10. Caucasian Persuasion (formerly An admirable site with a positive attitude. New videos, podcasts. (But John King actually said that “scientists have proven that our brains are like radios,” sending out electromagnetic waves that influence others. John, I guess I don’t have to tell you, then, how my brain is responding to that! Or does it depend on distance? Are you reading me? Over.) Here, on the blog part of the site, he agrees with my long-ago point about Iran’s Ahmedinajad.
  11. “Come and Hear” by Carol A. Valentine Click this Link to her text of the Talmud, jewry’s rule book. Proof. Also see
  12. Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (Caution: This site causes temporary freezing of my computer.)
  13. Darkmoon
  14. DDees Illustrations site Click this Link about his amazing generosity.
  15. Destroy Zionism! “Exposing The World Parasite.”  Right against jews. Right on Adolf Hitler. Right about Einstein. Includes a link to our WhitesWillWin! site — Thank You.
  16. David Duke One of the most well known defenders of our White race. Caution: He sows the poison seed that the bad jews are the “Zionists” and other jews are good jews. Also, he professes the jew-created mind poison of Christianity. (See the Liberty Bell magazine of Feb. 1990 to learn why Duke must not be trusted.)
  17. John de Nugent He was a state senator who helped expose the horrendous Franklin Scandal, which reached from the Franklin Savings & Loan to the BoysTown orphanage and to the Reagan/Bush White House. Another traitorous coverup in the ongoing abuse and oppression of Americans. (See the Liberty Bell magazine, Jan. 1993.) How many more murderous scandals will be required to wake up our people and ignite our revolution?
  18. The Double Standard “Exposing the Hypocrisy of International Jewry”
  19. The End Of Zion New. Strong. Right against jews.
  20. End ZOG. Here’s an interesting place to start: (“ZOG” means “zionist occupied government,” which means jew-occupied government.)
  21. The Best Of The Best: Adolf Hitler (left), Joseph Goebbels (center), and Rudolf Hess (right). The EqualPartyUSA site documented my own research and evolution on Adolf Hitler, going from wrong to right.

    The Best Of The Best: Adolf Hitler (left), not Goering, Joseph Goebbels (center), and Rudolf Hess (right-center). The EqualPartyUSA site documented my own research and evolution on Adolf Hitler. I went from jew-taught wrong to White-taught right.

    EqualPartyUSA  LINK  This was my previous site, which WordPress deleted because I violated their policy against “inciting violence.” Yes, I did that. I incited Self Defense in this war that jewry started, and the best defense is a good offense. Anyway, at my prior level of ignorance, I poorly named the site “Equal Party.” R.I.P. to that.

  22. Exulanten Here is a Link to a particularly valuable history.
  23. Facts Not Fairies
  24. Faith & Heritage Although suffering from the jew-created mind poison called Christianity, this site gets it right on White, for example: “Who Does America Belong To?
  25. Fathers’ Manifesto Right on race. Right against jews, including the holoHoax and 9/11. Includes a fine page on the jew racial rulebook The Talmud. Yet, soaked in the mind poison of Christianity.
  26. FedUpUSA
  27. First Amendment Exercise Machine, by Robert Frenz Unpopular wisdom abounds, such as:

    White people invent and forget. Yellow people copy and remember. Black people do neither.”

    Here’s a menu including works from the Liberty Bell magazine, Revilo Oliver, and George Lincoln Rockwell.

  28. FirstLightForum Large site of news and resources, including this important exposure of the jews’ rule book, The Talmud. An excellent series of photos of 9/11 Truth runs down the right column. However, this site is wrong on Hitler, among other issues. But it is rightly anti-jew.
  29. Flogging Dead Horses
  30. 1488 Blog See good videos at that link. The following link has very important local news articles not spread by jew media. One of the site’s other fine features is this superb page of Hitler Speeches, text in English. Since we know what happened, we can now read what Hitler said and know that he was right. Simply read.
  31.  http://www.fourwinds10.netLink to a very good starting point.
  32. “Goon Squad”
  33. Cover of one of the superb historical books available at the Grand Occident site.

    Cover of one of the superb historical books available at the Grand Occident site.

    The Grand Occident Straight to the point about jews, this site offers excellent video clips and pdf books right on the homepage. Personal favorite: The inclusion of Dr. Karl Bergmeister’s superb 1938 book on the reality of the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. The “elders of zion” are the leaders of jewry, and the “protocols” are their techniques for the undermining and overthrow of the great White countries of the world. Proof beyond reasonable doubt.

  34. Great White Desert  A great library of books and articles by famous and obscure writers: Listed here by author names and some subjects. Listed here by author names and titles of books and articles. Also, great audio files.
  35. “The HereAfter Report,” Black- and poor-centered. Here are two excellent pages: On jewry’s control of big media, and Rick Sanchez (fired from CNN) on jew control.
  36. Historical Recordings Featuring the superb recordings from the 1960s by Wally Butterworth. Right on White. Right against jews. Right on Adolf Hitler. Also, great recordings by others, including Gerald L.K. Smith, and treasures such as bluegrass-style songs by “G.L. Rockwell and the Coon Hunters.” Click the site’s “Audios” tab for Truth and edutainment.
  37. If Americans Knew
  38. “Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness, & The Attack On The Western World” http://immigration-globalization.blogspot.comLink to a “holocaust” page.
  39. Media control: all jews. See other photo combos and other definitive photographic proof at sites such as,, and (Click image to enlarge.)

    Incog Man This popular site kickstarts the common man. Strong on anti-jew news and the pandemic of Blacks beating, raping, and murdering Whites. Also, clear proof of the jew media monopoly’s anti-White agenda overblowing White crimes while hiding Black-on-White crime. (But please don’t let IncogMan incite a race war beyond the one we already have, us vs. jewry.) Thank you, Incogman, for the new link (Feb. 2013) on your homepage to WhitesWillWin!

  40. Inconvenient History
  41. In Pursuit Of Happiness
  42. “Israel Did 9/11, Not Muslims!”
  43. Jett & Jahn Media Very impressive variety of news, audio, video. Right on race. Interesting biographies. Important, alternative news. Admirable, too, on Adolf Hitler and jewry’s HoloHoax. Yet, they push to our enemy’s delight the mind poison that is Christianity (see my comments, and theirs, at link).
  44. Jewish Faces Seeing is believing. Photos of jews by name in the government, banking, and popular media. There is no quicker way to understand the Truth of jewry’s monopolies against us.
  45. Jew Watch news
  46. John Kaminski (As of this writing, 20Nov2012, it seems that his site is dead after having been static for months. Personally, I do not trust this man. Back when I used to read his every post, he occasionally published defeatist absurdities. The dichotomy could not come from a stable, anti-jew mind. Also, he had intimated by email that he would drown himself, which he didn’t do, and then promptly wrote again as if he were our fearless leader.) Now, I see he has a new platform at RebelNews in their blogs section. Again, dichotomy. Recently, good against jews, stupid about dreams.
  47. JR Books Online. A great free library, with some commentary. (But beware: bad books are mixed with the good.) Here is a brave and true page on which to begin. A list of books, alphabetical.
  48. Koinen’s Corner, by Val Koinen. Wisdom plainly stated. Right on Race. Right on Whites. Right against jews. Also, immigration, and the Holocaust hoax. Admirable.
  49. William Pierce wrote this famous novel under a pen name. It’s a flawed but gripping read.

    “Legacy Of Dr. William Pierce”  Greatness here. Superb links to free books, audio, videos. My favorite is Who We Are, a superb education on the history of the races and why Whites are the most inventive and developed race. Also, click this site’s link to a podcast of the admirable Will Williams teaching the hypocrite C.Yeager.

  50. Lies Your Teacher Taught You  Right on jews. Right on Adolf Hitler. Also, this site features a link to our Truthful Sites page. Thank you!
  51. Kevin MacDonald
  52. Martin Luther King Jr. was not “Martin Luther King Jr.” But that really shouldn’t come as a surprise since anybody glorified by the jews’ media must not be as advertised. Real name Michael King, he was just another tool used by jewry to destroy our founding White culture and, thus, our race. Click for proof.
  53. John Martinson (That link is currently dead, 22Oct2012. I have yet to view that site.) Here is his YouTube channel.
  54. Patricia McAllister’s She was the Los Angeles teacher who told truth on camera at an OccupyWallStreet event and got trashed by an OWS leader and the local tv “journalists.” (By the way, OWS was a jew-led deliberate dead-end, as I explained on my old UnEqualPartyUSA site from OWS’s get-go.) McAllister is right on jews, and right on Adolf Hitler, too!
  55. Metapedia Unlike wikipedia, Metapedia is, apparently, not controlled by jews.
  56. “My Honor Is Loyalty” In English, many speeches, writings, and other documents by great Germans, of course Whites, of the Adolf Hitler era. Intelligent people will allow these Germans to speak for themselves instead of listening only to what jews say the Germans said.
  57. My Name Is Joe Cortina  Right against jews. Right for guns. But promotes the jew mind-poison of Christianity instead of our White heritage which is Nature-based and much older than the virgin-birthed miracle-worker Jesus/Joshua/Yeshua nonsense.
  58. National Alliance News “News For White People Worldwide.” Right on race, Hitler, and more. Features works by the late William Pierce.
  59. National Coalition, “A New Kind Of White Activism” And the National Coalition Blog. Right on race. Right against jews.
  60. by Friedrich Paul Berg. Perhaps everything a person would want to review about the jews’ holocaust hoax is here. It’s a One-Stop for proof with videos, document images, analysis, and a bit of humor. Superb on the holyco$t, but just a bit off base when touching on other big issues such as the JFK assassination. And the use of the jews’ insult term “nazi” is a turnoff. But the site is an education costing only your time.
  61. Book cover of George Lincoln Rockwell's truthful, inspirational "White Power." Learn shocking truths from 50 years ago. Still necessary now.

    Book cover of George Lincoln Rockwell’s truthful, inspirational “White Power.” Learn shocking truths from 50 years ago. Still necessary now.

    New England Media Watch Right on jews. Right on race. Impressive homepage of great documents and photos, though a few clunkers. One of my favorites is this page on the great Revilo Oliver, which includes audio of speeches. Another is George Lincoln Rockwell, who personally evolved to near perfection and then was murdered. Great books, too.

  62. NewsNet14 “World News For Europeans World Wide.” Professional, comprehensive, daily Truth news site.
  63. 9/11 Jewish-Mossad False Flag Archive
  64. 9/11 Undeniable Evidence. YouTube link. Architect Ron Avery’s two-part video lecture is as personable and clear as anybody every needs to be. (Late in Part 2, Avery says we need “God’s help,” which is mind poison at work. But that is a minor complaint overwhelmed by the effectiveness of his presentation.) Main site:
  65. No Matter What, it always boils down to … Right on race. Right against jews. But suffering from the mind poison of religion, rampant among our race, Christianity.
  66. No One To Vote For
  67. Right on race. Right on jews. Fine focus on history. Includes occasional current event news.
  68. NS Revolution
  69. Occidental Observer
  70. Pen On Paper This site reposted the www! article The Twelve Grades Of Christmas — thank you! This site is right on race, right on Hitler, right against jews.
  71. Maurice Pinay Blog
  72. Piper Report
  73. PokerFace, music group, “Protest Rock”
  74. Carlos Whitlock Porter (Mirrored on JRBooks site.) Special focus on the documents out of Russia proving “Made In Russia — The Holocaust.” Personal favorite: The About The Author page. Born in the USA, Porter eventually renounced citizenship and lives with his family, perhaps still in Belgium.
  75. Pragmatic Witness, by White Wraithe An unusually informative, thus admirable, About page.
  76. and and in response to domain troubles, this site:
  77. Racial Nationalist Library The About page.
  78. “Racial Realities”
  79. Radio Islam Far better than the name suggests. (Islam, after all, is another mind-poison, as is Christianity.)
  80. Rat Faced Jews A new site in the MikeDelaney network of sites that are Right Against Jews.
  81. RebelNews An extensive news site, and a blogs department where writers include the self-contradicting John Kaminski, the likely-jew Christopher Bollyn, and others. If that’s enough of a “beware,” then I should add that an editorial about Israel pushes the garbage of “good jews” and even suggests that if Israel meets its deserved demise, the U.S. and other countries could accept the jew “refugees.” Absurd.
  82. So true. The unequalled White American magazine The Liberty Bell covered three decades of our lives. It alone is still better than most of the sites listed here. Read it free at the link.

    So true. The unequalled White American magazine The Liberty Bell covered three decades of our lives. It alone is still better than most of the sites listed here. Read it free at the link.

    Resist The site of the famous Tom Metzger. Among many resources, the site includes an archive of the great Liberty Bell magazine, where all the vital truth was told 30 years ago. Highly recommended reading — generally, the later the issue date, the better. Also, this site has advice for Lone Wolves — for listening only, no text.

  83. Resisting Defamation
  84. Some doubters require scholars, professors with Ph.D.s, academics of high standing, etc. Here many are. Why not believe some of them instead of only believing jews? Link to “Fred Leuchter Webpage” of proof that there were no homicidal gas chambers in camps under Hitler.
  85. Save Your Heritage  Scroll down the homepage to see many important images, inventions, and wise quotes. Surprises await!
  86. Solar General Great site for vital books, free, other media, news, etc. And here is a page of proof on jews.
  87. Spirit Water Blood An amazing page: “Oh, the Germanity!
  88. Kevin Alfred Strom Personal resource from experience with William Luther Pierce and other anti-jew and pro-White giants and martyrs. (He also hosts the valuable Look at this tremendous report on Pres. Franklin Roosevelt’s proved treason on Pearl Harbor and WW2.
  89. Get this free pdf and rev up the righteous White warrior inside all full-blooded members of our race.

    Subverted Nation Beginners cannot believe it. Veterans know it’s true. At the following link is one of the mightiest pdf files on the planet. Watch these brief videos. Also, a great Lists page of jews infesting every vital institution of our country. (However, site-owner Adam Austin bans discussion of race! And in emails, he would rather insult me for disagreeing with him than hurt the feelings of any precious nonWhite. Emails available to anyone who wants to see for themselves.)

  90. Take Our World Back  Link to a very strong jew-history page. And here, on 9/11, what more evidence — that is, proof — could a human desire? Start at the linked spot on the page, then scroll up or down for an amazing assemblage.
  91. Talmud Unmasked Christian look at the Talmud. Proof.
  92. 300 Sploggers Link to a very good place to start.
  93. Truth Is A Hate Crime News and commentary clearly exposing the utter hypocrisy of what jews and Blacks are openly allowed to do against Whites while Whites are beaten, raped, jailed, or murdered for less.
  94. Twelfth Bough
  95. The Ugly Truth (But this site hosts — or did host? — jew Jonathan Azaziah’s radio broadcast.)
  96. Vanguard News Network, VNN Forum. Here, an admirable effort to delete the mind poison from our race.
  97. Vanishing American
  98. Veritas 6464
  99. Video Rebel’s Blog
  100. Vincent Nunes in NYC. Here’s perhaps the best page on which to start, as long as my comment remains on the page.
  101. Wake Up From Your Slumber
  102. We Hold These Truths, and “Strait Gate Ministries”
  103. “White Children Get Very Bad News”
  104. White Civil Rights Featured articles include “The Ruins Of White California,” Whites did not come “Out Of Africa,” (see William Pierce’s book “Who We Are” for racial history), and a very informative FAQ page.
  105. White Reference
  106. Ironically, more members of other races love our Whiteness more than we do. My international experience tells me this. Our self-ignorance is due to our acceptance of jewry’s nonstop anti-White programming in all big media. In non-White countries, many people know and say that we are more intelligent, more inventive, and more generous than any other race. And then there’s the beauty, too.

    WhiteResister  Treasure of news articles that most American Whites have no clue about — and truly need to know about.

  107. WhiteUnity14 A YouTube (jewTube) videos channel surviving in hostile territory.
  108. WhitesWillWin! Party. Right on Race. Right on jews. Right on mind-poison religions. And offers The American Solution, along with the inciteful alternative.
  109. Who Controls America?”  Photos of jews by name in the White House, Treasury, Congress, media, Hollywood, banking, and more. Seeing is believing. There is no quicker way to understand the Truth.
  110. Why I Hate Israel 2. Here is a link to a great page about the jews behind the Internet’s Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Ebay, and more.
  111. Winter Patriot Community Blog
  112. “The Wise Old Man” Zan Overall This is his YouTube channel offering videos of his wisdom and street activism.
  113. World According To AmericanGoy Link, watch Craig Ferguson, true, but know that jews knew they were doing that.
  114. Winston Smith Ministry Of Truth
  115. WW3Zionism
  116. Carolyn Yeager My favorite content here is her translations of architext Hermann Giesler’s writings about working with Adolf Hitler. Yet, Yeager is quite a mixed bag, now with a radio sidekick who admits that his children have a jew grandparent. That’s how he puts it.
  117. Zion Crime Factory, Works And Research Of (Zion, Zionist, Zionism all equal JEW.) Strong anti-jew site. Admirable on Hitler.
  118. Zionism Stinks
  119. Zombie Soup “The World We Swim In” See also “All Roads Lead To Jerusalem” But these are not pro-White. They are pro-Arab, pro-Muslim. She stopped linking to my UnEqualPartyUSA site when I published my policy against future generations of non-Whites in the U.S.A.
  120. Ernst Zundel. “Germany, Off Your Knees!” is this hero of truth’s call to all of us of White Germanic ancestry.

    Zundel Site (Ernst Zundel) Although his Truth career began absurdly, including a focus on UFOs, Zundel evolved into one of the greatest truthtellers of our time. In the 1980s, Canada put him on trial repeatedly, based on the lies of an old jewess. He put Holocaust — HoloHoax — truth into the public court records of Canada, proving there were no homicidal gas chambers, proving that jews are the supreme liars of history and of today. Zundel has been abused by the governments of the U.S.A., Canada, and Germany, including imprisonments. A hero. The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation. But jews have made it a crime to merely disagree with them, such as in Zundel’s re-publishing of other authors’ research results. Yet, jews spew lies about Whites and spew “hate speech” against Whites, especially Germans, every day. Only the blind and retarded cannot see the brilliant light of Truth when presented with the case of Ernst Zundel.


  1. RadicalPress, by Arthur Topham.  Canadian pioneer of top-truthtelling on the Internet. Topham was arrested in early 2012, released, and was oppressed by the jew-controlled government, including a gag order for months, without being officially charged of a crime. Late 2012, the gag order was lifted, and Topham was charged with a speech crime. Jews make speech against them a crime while jews freely spew hate against us. See Mr. Topham’s ongoing description of Canada’s INjustice system putting him through the ILLegal grinder. When will a sufficiently large group of White men surround, overwhelm, and occupy the government building(s) and begin their rightful revoluton? (Likewise, in the USA. When?)
  2. Justice For Germans   Excellent historical news, photos, other documents. Including a fine expose of Brit-jew and U.S.-jew propaganda here: “Still think Goebbels and Hitler were the big fat liars?” And here, a film on what historians “neglect” to mention (because they are liars). Many prominent men and women knew Hitler was honest and urged the West against war. After the war, sickening, unforgivable atrocities against innocent Germans. Justice4Germans video site.
  3. News From Atlantis And here is a very good page on which to start about jew Obama, Romney, and the U.S. Election.
  4. Northern TruthSeeker
  5. Scriptorium Great source of German documents, history, English articles.
  6. Snippits And Snappits


  1. Kanal von Helene 1888  A great video channel. The photo of “Helene” makes the link worth a click and ought inspire you to know your race is worth fighting for. The jews of YouTube have committed another “hate crime” against us by selectively deleting speech by us but allowing speech against us. Swear your oath to fight them now and until it’s done.
  • Note: Why not more sites from Germany, home of the greatest, most honest leader in the last 100 years? Jewry won WW2 and have made it a crime in Germany to merely disagree with the deceitful opinions, false statistics, and monumental lies of the self-Chosen people, the self-declared “Master Race.”


  1. Irish4Palestine (But they’re infiltrated already: See here.)
  2. This truthful, symbolic, chilling image is from the homepage of ZioYid Resistance!

    ZioYid Resistance! By an admirable ally. Right on Race. Right against jews. Also, see his site Are You Interested? — a holocaust truth blog, with great documentation.


  1. British Resistance The commenters are fully aware of jewry as the enemy though articles often avoid the “j” word, likely to skirt the “hate speech” laws. This article should help Americans awake fully to the immigration crisis (but replace “Liberal” with the correct word: “jew.”) And this: None Dare Call It White Genocide.
  2. DiggerForTruth Not afraid to say “jews,” but has his own version of mind poison showing up in various places, such as here where he says (in item 2) the actual enemy is not jewry but an “it,” a “darkness,” that would simply switch hosts if we eliminate all jews. Nonsense.
  3. Diversity Is Chaos
  4. Image from Exposing The Holocaust Hoax archive, link at left.

    Image from Exposing The Holocaust Hoax archive, link at left.

    Exposing The Holocaust Hoax Archive  Videos, photos, historical documents, links. Ye of sound mind and body cannot come and go unmoved.

  5. John Hardon’s Blog And here is his re-post of a gem from my former UnEqualPartyUSA blog that WordPress deleted. Thank you very much, Mr. Hardon. Hardon re-posts very strong articles from other admirable sites, too.
  6. Since 1998. Featuring a large library of works by the greats, little-knowns, and unknowns. One of the fine pages by Simon Sheppard, jailed by the jewed government, is “What Jews Do.” Among the lively body of work by Luke O’Farrell (I think his real name is Steve something) are “Masters Of Unreality” and “Three Parasites and a Funeral.”
  7. J for Justice Proof of the government’s lies about the London terror attacks of 7/7 — which followed the jew job of 9/11.
  8. Majority Rights. Their About page carefully expresses the truth quite clearly. And the site included a link to the former EqualPartyUSA site, among many other links, some highly admirable.
  9. Traitor666 News and commentary carefully stated where it’s illegal to say the full truth about jews (though much worse so in some other European countries, such as Germany, owned by jews and maintained for jews by the U.S. military since WW2).


  1. Attacked repeatedly by jew thugs, this time (left) Prof. Robert Faurisson was in critical condition. But now, he still stands strong for truth, as must we.

    Robert Faurisson (the unofficial blog)  (Use link in next item for translation from French to English.) This professor and international truthteller is a father of the academic movement of honesty against jewry’s Holocaust Lie. Jewry’s thugs brutally attacked him several times. An attack in 1989 was nearly fatal, putting him in the hospital in critical condition. Here, in English, is a bio on Faurisson on a different website. Look at this Holohoax proof from 20 years ago, which the U.S. jew media still deny.

  2. Identitas “Identities and the West” (Use Google’s translator to enjoy reading this site, any site, in English.) The “s” in “https” can be removed, if you like. A fine starting point is here, showing Stephen Jay Gould — a jew who was glorified by jew media as was Einstein, Boaz, Freud, and very many more — was a liar about evolution, race, and intelligence. Of course.


  2. Controversy Of Zion, by Knud Eriksen. Link to a speech by Eriksen in West Virginia, USA, titled “Three Models of the Jewish Problem — A Comparison.”
  3. “Truth At Any Cost” This site included a link to the former UnEqualParty USA site, for which I am grateful.


  1. The Nordic/Swedish Resistance Movement (NordFront) against jewry uses this symbol from the ancient Norse, part of our great White ancestry.

    NordFront  Also,  and  Use Google’s translator to enjoy reading this site (any site) in English. Copy and paste the URL into the Google box, choose languages if necessary, then click the new link it provides. This site included an article and very productive link to the previous UnEqualPartyUSA site, with very nice comments, which I greatly appreciated. Watch this video: One small example that they are active.

  2. Nordic Youth movement Right on race, this group is active. In late 2012, they protested outside the house in Sweden of Communist (jew) judge Stefan Michnik who sent White Poles to unjust deaths after WW2. Is anybody protesting like that in the USA?
  3. The Midgard Watcher Good idea: “What is necessary if that the worldview and understanding of Pre-Christian, Pre-Jewish, Pre-Islam thinking returns to us.”
  4. The Swedish Resistance Online Magazine: National (Again, use Google’s translator to enjoy reading this site, any site, in English.)


  1. Barzum, the Website of Varg Vikernes Independent musician known for “black metal” music. Right on race. Right against jews. Right against the mind-poison Christianity. An excellent summary page here. He admits to killing a former bandmate. He served 16 years in prison and was released on parole in 2009. His story about all of that is interesting.
  2. The New Sturmer “All patriotic people have the right to learn the real truth about their racial kindred,” and this site strongly teaches and defends our German-Norse kin against the historical and ongoing lies and Germany and White Germanic people around the world. One of my favorite pages shows Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s family tree beyond what other sites show, and pinpoints FDR’s jew ancestry. In English. “Other Interesting Topics,” indeed, including jewry’s 5-year economic and racial war againt Germany and all Germans before WW2.


  1. Adelaide Institute Source of scholarship, books, videos, and news on the jews’ “Holocaust” lies and other atrocitious acts against us.
  2. Anthony Lawson videos (YouTube site) (He currently lives in Thailand.)
  3. Thirteenth Monkey
  4. Fredrick Toben

    Dr. Fredrick Toben’s new website (under construction here). Töben, associated with the Adelaide Institute linked above, was bankrupted in September 2012 by Australia’s government, particularly by a vicious campaign conducted by governing-jew Jeremy Jones. Toben explains here. Previously, Toben was jailed in Germany in his long effort in service of Truth. He has said and proved: “Aspects of the Jewish Holocaust resemble fairy tales – no reality in space and time.”


  1. Jewish Problem and a different page here.


  1. Tanker captain Ajit Vadakayil’s wisdom website The link starts you on his excellent page on the jews’ history of slave-trafficking. In English.
  2. Lies Your Teacher Taught You Current and historic events, from the Federal Reserve to JFK, Churchill, and Hitler. In English.


Building 7 is an example all by itself of full proof that the 9/11 attacks were pre-planned by jewry. The jew Larry Silverstein admitted, on tape, that he ordered WTC7 demolished. Despite its strong steel structure and mighty elevator shafts, it fell in seconds. Impossible without preplanted explosives throughout. (Click to enlarge.)

Anybody who has done a search for 9/11 sites knows there are many. I would say that a majority of them are gatekeepers, limiting the info and misleading discussions away from who really did 9/11. But despite that majority, there is a minority of 9/11 sites offering honest information. A few are included above. I haven’t attempted to list them all. Likewise, there are other single-focus groups of websites that I have not attempted to list exhaustively. But readers are welcome to offer them in comments below. If I have time to confirm their value, I may add them to the main list.


Many of the above sites contain long lists of other websites that are recommended by those website owners. For example, Arthur Topham’s has a very long list down the right column of his homepage. I have visited many of those sites, half of which I found admirable (yes, I’m rather strict). So, it is a certainty that many more truthtellers are online, and they and their readers should be ready to stand up and follow us (at a safe distance) when we who simply won’t tolerate another day of Jew Treason lead the way, united by this one absolute necessity: the overthrow of Jew Rule.


James T. Laffrey

P.S. You know what this long list of mostly news websites shows? It shows that we don’t need more news. We need more action! Right now.


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    • That’s an admirable link to a video including a very important introduction by the M.C. for Sylvia Stolz, and then the speech by Sylvia Stolz. The translation provided in the English subtitles seems very good, though not great.

      By the way, I removed the link on your name since it was a waste of time, showing a front page for a site not yet built at all.

      The video was posted to YouTube in relation to the “Justice For Germans” website, which is in the “Canada” section above.

      Thank you for your comment and video link.

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