Shootings in School, Mall, Theater: The Pattern is Clear. It is Terror Toward Disarming Us.

Introductory note: As little as five years ago, I would not have believed what I now conclude to be true. My evolution is the result of intensive research and extensive reading to educate myself. Most people don’t have the time that I have, nor the mental imperative, to so doggedly pursue the truth. I understand that, and I offer what I have learned. There is no other way for us to share such knowledge, is there? Signed, James Laffrey.

President Obama plays his role as "good cop" (in regard to gun control) while NYC mayor Bloomberg plays "bad cop" trying to disarm us. The ruse is for supposed public clamor for a "solution" to reportedly rise to a crescendo, at which point Obama will buckle to false "public demand" for more unConstitutional laws.

President Obama plays his role as “good cop” (in regard to gun control) while NYC mayor Bloomberg plays “bad cop” trying to disarm us. The ruse is for supposed public clamor for a “solution” to reportedly rise to a climax, at which point Obama will buckle to false “public demand” for more unConstitutional laws to take our gun RIGHTS away.

The latest “sensational” shooting, we are told, was by a 20-year-old young man in Connecticut who shot his mother and then drove to a school and shot more than 20 little children dead. We are told that this young man had put on a bullet-proof vest yet killed himself in the school. What is the motive for this young man to massacre children? None. What is the motive for wearing a bullet-proof vest to kill little, unarmed kids and when planning to kill himself? None.

The previous mass shooting was in a mall. (Link below.) The Clackamas Town Center mall. We are told that one man shot at least 60 bullets but hit only three people, and then he went to a secluded place in the mall to shoot himself dead. Witnesses had said the shooter was wearing a bullet-proof vest, but the slow-responding police now say the suspect was not wearing a vest. What’s the motive to get all geared up and go shoot past people you don’t know and then shoot yourself? None.

Previous to the mall shooting, we had the farce in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, which is a part of the Denver area. On my previous website, which was hypocritically deleted by WordPress for “inciting violence,” I laid out the evidence that James Holmes, the alleged shooter, was a patsy and didn’t shoot anybody. There’s no reasonable doubt about that. (At the bottom of this article, I will append an excerpt from my previous website’s article.)

At this point, I would like to link you to an investigative writer who covers these kinds of events very well. His latest article, at this writing, is about the Clackamas mall shooting, and in that article he points out a pattern among the big shootings. On his site, you can also click to his series of articles on the Aurora, Colorado, shooting.

He will surely write about this latest shooting and agree with me that we have yet another shooting fitting the basic pattern. Update: Before I posted this article, I see that he has begun his coverage, with three articles in quick succession. (Or go to his homepage and scroll down.)

We can easily go back, mass-shooting by mass-shooting, to the famous Columbine school shooting, also in Colorado. “Independent” movie producer-director Michael Moore, a secret jew (the common term is crypto-jew), made a movie about that one.

That pattern is clear that these shooters could not, and did not, and would not, have so equipped themselves, carried out the shootings, and ended the events in the way that we are told that the events ended.

What does all this mean? It means that people with the motive and the means are arranging these events, equipping the shooters (usually not the shooters identified by authorities and the media), and laying the blame on patsies who are either drugged out of their minds or are shot dead quiet.

The motive

The motive is to disarm us.

These events are arranged and carried out in order to stir terror in the public and provide an “excuse” for politicians to further deny us our Constitutional right to “keep and bear” guns. At the linked website above, the writer Scott Creighton points out this obvious motive. Also, Creighton often does a fine job of naming high level people involved in this organized assault on our rights. But what Creighton never does is to take the next step. He never points out the pattern among these enemies of our rights. The pattern points to one kind of people.

Who is this group of people? Throughout the history of “gun control” in the USA, we see one kind of people leading the effort to shred the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

Michael Bloomberg, jew, mayor of New York City, is loyal to jewry and Israel, not loyal to the USA. In a word, traitor.

Michael Bloomberg, jew, mayor of New York City, is loyal to jewry and Israel, not loyal to the USA. In a word, traitor.

The latest and loudest mouth in public is yet another person of this same group. He is the mayor of New York City. His name is Michael Rubens Bloomberg. He is a jew. I have included his middle name to help readers recognize more jewish names. “Ruben” and “Rubens” are jewish, as is “Bloomberg.” And I have linked his name to the jew owned and operated wikipedia, which admits his jewness. (Wikipedia does not expose crypto-jews, but after we have thoroughly exposed crypto-jews, then jew websites such as wikipedia often relent.)

“Going even further, an armed citizenry, as contemplated by the Second Amendment, is an anathema to most American Jews, who tend to be among the strongest advocates of gun control.”

The above quote is from a jew website. If you go there, please beware of the propaganda and spin there. Also, be it known that jewry always attempts to control all opposition by being the opposition. That is, they pay one or more groups of jews to be the supposed opposition, and those are the groups who will get jew media attention, thus controlling and limiting what can be said and heard on “both sides” of important issues. An example of this is the jews’ Also, jewry’s big recent “anti-bankster” charade was Occupy Wall Street, which jews led from the get-go and took to a do-nothing dead-end. (OWS was another jew production that I had fully exposed on my previous site.)

Again, wikipedia. Here, looking at the list of gun-control advocates, we see that the recognizable leaders are nearly all obviously jews. Known jews are Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel (he was Obama’s chief of staff, now mayor of Chicago), Dianne Feinstein (senator), Carl Levin (senator), Charles “Chuck” Schumer (senator), Josh Sugarman, and more. And there’s Carl Rowan, longtime NBC “news” man. And celebrity Rosie O’Donnell. Yes, all jews. (To make yourself ill with more celebrity jews, see here.)

Are you in favor of more gun control?

The knee-jerk response is that if these men didn’t have access to guns then these shootings would not have occurred, thus we need more gun control.

Such an argument is made by people who have no education in the arguments that went into the writing of the Constitution of our country and in the necessity our greatest Founding Fathers felt in adding the first 10 Amdendments to the Constitution to try to make certain of many rights of the people, including the Second Amendment for our keeping and bearing arms to defend ourselves against enemies on our soil, including a corrupted and tyrannical government. Well educated White people will never agree to gun control.

Yes, I have said “White” people. Read, for example, the extensive notes on the Constitutional Convention that were written by James Madison, who later became our fourth president: Here, without commentary. Here with many explanatory annotations. Our Founding Fathers knew that they were White people, they said that they were White people, and they knew that other races were incompatible with our White culture, White government, and White country. The media — tv, newspapers, and movies, all controlled by jews — will not tell you this. But the historic documents have yet to be shredded and deleted from history, so they simply wait for you to read them and know the truth.

The reader who wants to dismiss those Founding Fathers as “awful racists” need to explain why the reader is somehow more intelligent, learned, and wise than the Founding Fathers were about the races and the historic and current behavior of the races.

Now, please let me demonstrate how easy it is to counter the arguments for more gun control. The examples are persuasive even if our audience is ignorant of the principles behind our Constitution.

  • Example 1: If teachers and school administrators were armed, do you think any single person or small group of amateurs would go to schools with the intent to shoot many people? Of course not. They would know that they would quickly be dispensed with.
  • Example 2: If the public were known to have very many individuals armed, would a single amateur go into a mall or movie theater with the intent of shooting many people? Of course not. He would know that justice would quickly be delivered upon him in the form of the audience rightly shooting back.

I am not arguing that we should arm teachers. (But this police site is discussing it here nad here.) But my points are meant to show how easy it is to demolish the arguments for more gun control, and we can do so in agreement with the Constitution instead of against the Constitution.

This looks to be a rightly American rally in Chicago. Photo from

This looks to be a rightly American rally in Chicago. Photo from

Notice, please, if you will, where these mass shootings have taken place. Have they taken place in states and cities where it is legal and easy to carry a gun on your person? No. They did not take place, for example, in Florida. In Florida the law is better than in most states. That is why the president and his fellow jews (yes, Obama is a jew because his mother was a jew; she was not “White”; she was a jew) went so ballistic over the shooting by George Zimmerman of the criminal Black man Trayvon Martin. The justified self-defense by Zimmerman was in Florida, and the jews wanted to tar and feather Florida’s exceptional gun laws. It’s a safe bet that we will not see one of these kinds of public shootings in Florida. Armed American men in the crowd would shoot the real attacker(s) and expose the entire jew-government-perpetrated atrocity.

Initial media coverage and political statements about the Florida event deliberately spewed half-truths and outright lies against the community-defending Zimmerman and for the Black criminal Martin. When the truth became known through alternative media sources, did they issue apologies and corrections to try to undo the damage? No, they did not. And Zimmerman is rightfully suing NBC for their especially flagrant crime of lying against him.

Why are jews so bent on disarming us?

Jews oppress and impoverish us, more so every day, by their wrongful ownership of our banking system, their monopoly of our major media at the national and local levels, and their treasonous infiltration of our government (please see the TopLinks page for sources). Jews know that if and when the White population wakes up to this atrocity, the White population will finally and decisively exterminate the problem.

Why do I say “White population” and not include the other races in the USA? I do so because the other races have shown that they are, in general (let us not quibble about the rare exceptions), loyal to their own races. They have proved that they will do anything they can legally do, and often illegally, to benefit themselves against the White majority who founded and built our country. Need I name all the ways? Chinatowns. Little Saigons. Little Havanas. The Arab infestation. They retain their foreign languages and require us to provide education and government documents in their languages. And there’s the welfare that minorities, including illegal aliens, extract from the productive White population who pays the taxes to fund all of that welfare. And the far-underreported Black crime against Whites. Need I go on? I should hope not.

Returning to the Number One Enemy, the only true enemy race, jewry, I would like to point out something else that jewry is doing across the country in fear of our White race waking up to their treason.

Jewry gives themselves huge grants of our money to increase the “security” of their communities. (One of many sources here, but please don’t get distracted by that website. The “intel” is shallow.) Do White-only organizations and White-only communities get special grants to increase our “security”? Of course not. But jews do. I shall not belabor the point with more, redundant, evidence.

Instead, for the reader who is still in shock and awe at my indictment of the jew race, I suggest reading this article on jew presidents of the United States. “Unbelievable,” yet true.

As I said above, five years ago I could not believe such shocking truths. But my personal constitution requires me to consider sober evidence and to check out for myself the validity, or not, of claims made by people who seem to know things that I don’t. My investigations have proved to me that great Americans (not to mention the many great White men and women around the word) such as Henry Ford, Alfred Owen Crozier, Revilo P. Oliver, Charles Lindbergh, the post-WW2 Gen. George Patton, George Lincoln Rockwell, Eustace Mullins, and many more, were right. White Americans need to question why jews cannot be doubted in our society but Whites can be insulted in every way. Most White Americans still need to decide who to believe: the alien race of jewry or our own best and bravest White writers, professors, historians, and researchers.

Appendix: Exerpt about James Holmes, Aurora patsy.

The exerpted article included this link to a valuable Creighton article in his series on the subject.

My excerpt:

… I’m not going to go through everything, such as the layout of the place, timing, location of Holmes’ car, the booby-trapped apartment — as if Holmes the neuroscience student knew how to do all that — and much more, including the latest lie about a notebook. All of these things, both evidence and garbage, are interesting. But my purpose here is to present a concise conclusion. Here it is:

Holmes was sitting in his car, drugged and meek, when police first saw him. Police broke the back passenger-side window to unlock the car and make the arrest. Thus, obviously, Holmes didn’t do the shooting. And no single person without any training in the weaponry, explosives, and booby-trapping could have done it.

Logic and reason say that at least three people, not Holmes, worked together: One was the phone-man who witnesses saw in the theater and who went out through the emergency exit door. Another man put Holmes in his car, or babysat him there, and this man (or one more) probably had the shooter’s gear on already, waiting for the “go” signal. Another man was in a getaway vehicle likely on Sable Street near the back of the theater.

Who were they? Of course, they were jews or employees of jews. Most likely Mossad agents, but any jew-controlled anti-American intelligence/terror entity could have done it. Just as Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a shot on November 22, 1963, against JFKennedy, and Sirhan Sirhan was a patsy in the assassination of RFKennedy, and Arabs/Muslims didn’t control the WTC nor any government agency and had nothing to do with 9/11, Holmes didn’t create and carry out this cinema attack. …

The Solution.

Make It So.

Make It So.

6 thoughts on “Shootings in School, Mall, Theater: The Pattern is Clear. It is Terror Toward Disarming Us.

  1. From comes this response to the Colorado shooting. Perfectly appropriate in support here.

    How do we stop a massacre?
    The answer is revealed in the stunning short video shown below. This remarkable solution:
    • Requires no police.
    • Costs the taxpayers no money.
    • Requires no up-front paperwork.
    • Protects innocent lives.
    • Is deployed in as little as FIVE seconds.
    • Works everywhere.
    • Deters violent crime.
    • Makes bad guys flee immediately.
    • Is easy to learn.
    • Functions at the local level.
    • Does not require control or intervention by the United Nations or any government entity.

    [Video link and display of old man shooting armed(?) Black robbers in Internet place]
    Watch vid on NaturalNews. It’s at the end of this article:

    • Excellent. That video is great.

      As I was clicking around that site, I came across this article on the Empire State Building shooting, which had gotten by me, I guess. The interesting thing is the evidence that police did the shooting of the innocent bystanders outside, not the alleged shooter. Proof, really.

      There’s no end to the evidence of what’s going on. It’s time we take ACTION against the enemy. One way is to simply overwhelm the voting system and take over the U.S. House Of Representatives in 2014. A clean sweep of the House. And then we can use the IMPEACHMENT POWER of the HOUSE to impeach the President, Vice President, Supreme Court traitors, and more. Doing nothing politically, as our WHITE race has been doing politically, is stupid when we have the numbers and the power to simply take over. This is the NONviolent way. The other way, of course, involves our White-invented tools of finality that our Founding Fathers urged we “keep and bear” for just such a purpose. But I’m saying, why not win the nonviolent way — it requires more of our bodies but less of our blood!

  2. And now a Russian JEW immigrant against our Second Amendment Right to arms. At the link below, he certainly looks like a jew. The actor HenryWinkler-kind of jew. Slant forehead. Moderately jew nose. His name is Andrei Nikitchyuk. His son attends Sandy Hook school, and he’s getting splashy media attention with his anti-NRA nonsense about giving back the children.

    An IMMIGRANT. If he’s not a jew, then he simply doesn’t know, doesn’t care, about the PRINCIPLES of our Founding Fathers and the absolute NECESSITY for the Bill Of Rights’ guarantee for us to Keep And Bear Arms for our DEFENSE against a tyrannical government and any other enemy. But if he is a jew, and I think he is, then he knows what he’s doing and why.,0,7116084.story

    The linked article bolds the names of two people — U.S. senators. Of course, they are both jews. Feinstein and Blumenthal.

  3. And the National Rifle Association (NRA) has come out with a big announcement in response to the anti-gun hysteria in the jew media.

    The NRA should have but did not say that all school officials should be eligible for open-carry and/or concealed-carry permits. (Of course, my position is that we should NOT NEED a permit, which is thus a tax and a limitation on our gun rights). Instead, the NRA said that special guards should be armed and trained for the security of schools. That would simply INCREASE the government-related firepower against us while not helping our gun rights nor the gun rights of school administrators and teachers.

    I haven’t investigated the NRA, but they are looking like jew-controlled opposition, being the only organization the media will allow a good amount of coverage of what they say. The jew media did not solicit the response of REAL SECOND-AMENDMENT DEFENDERS, of course.

    Here is a link to the jewYorkTimes version of the NRA story.

    Oh, by the way, the NRA proposes that longtime government insider Asa Hutchinson be the leader of the NRA’s program for in-school “security” armed forces. He was a U.S. Congressman from Arkansas, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and the first-ever Under Secretary for Border & Transportation Security at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Doesn’t that nail the coffin shut on him? — and the NRA?

    I say ENCOURAGE adult educators to get training in gun safety and gun usage in sudden hostile situations, and then let all who desire to carry guns do so. Would-be shooters would not enter a school with deadly intentions if they knew a lot of the educators were armed and ready. But we won’t have such an American reality until after we rid our country of the jew infestation.

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